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I have been seeing Dr. Anthony Vuckovich since the beginning of my twin pregnancy in 2018. I had a couple friends recommend chiropractic care to me who were also worked on while pregnant. I started off seeing Dr. Anthony two times a week for sciatic pain. I was having trouble switching positions – sitting to standing or standing to sitting. After a couple months of adjustments, my sciatic pain went away. I also started my pregnancy with severe dizziness. I’m not sure the work he did on my neck, but now I can actually lay comfortably on my bed without having to prop up numerous pillows. I’m coming up to 35 weeks, which in the twin world, that means I’m two weeks ahead which would be 37 weeks. My OB encouraged me to continue seeing my chiropractor, especially since he practices the Webster Technique. It has absolutely helped prepare the babies for delivery and my body has been so thankful because of this technique. I highly recommend Victory Chiropractic and encourage you to go often while pregnant! We look forward to bringing our babies in after they’re born!

Aimee Willis


A few years ago, I started to feel pain in my chest and back during my work outs. After a few weeks of no relief, trying massage, cupping therapy, and another chiropractor I made an appointment with Dr. V. Right away he diagnosed me with an injury to my upper ribs. After only a few weeks of adjustments I was pain free! He taught me how to alter my tasks with my kids and work outs so I wouldn’t injure myself again! I also found that I never had headaches anymore (unless I went too long between adjustments!) I also started to bring my kids for regular adjustments to help with their immunity, sleep, reflux, and ENT issues. My daughter was one and my son was three at the time. My kids love Dr. V and they actually started to look forward to going! As time went on, we got to know him on a more personal level. He always takes the time to listen to our questions and concerns, which is something very rare these days. He treats you with the same care as a friend or family member. He always remembers to ask about things going on in our lives and takes great care of my kids. This past fall I had a sports related injury. Dr. V got me in for an MRI right away and even called me on his day off because he knew I was anxious about the results. Prior to getting chiropractic care, I had no idea how many health issues chiropractors can treat! I’ve made our family adjustments part of our routine! I’m grateful for all Dr. V has done to help my family. He’s not only knowledgeable and professional, but he is compassionate. That is what truly resonates with us.

Erin McLean


I drive a street sweeper for a living and enjoy working out and lifting weights .. two things that have both taken a toll on my back. At its worst I could barely walk .. I spent multiple days in the ER in excruciating pain. Doctors tried pill after pill and multiple injections with no relief. After weeks of agony I was referred to Dr. Vuckovich and made my first appointment. He was able to provide amazing relief that no prescription drug could and after a few weeks of treatment not only was I pain free, but I was back in the gym moving weight. Since that time, I don’t hesitate to stop in for a quick adjustment anytime I feel the slightest tightness or stiffness just to make sure I stay in tip top shape. His neck adjustments also eliminated the tension headaches I’d get from working with my head turned all day. He’s definitely the best in the business as far as I’m concerned!

William Glass

I started seeing Dr. Anthony when I was about 15 weeks pregnant. I have spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis, which typically gives me a lot of lower back pain, and pregnancy made it much worse. He was fantastic at helping with that pain as well as any aches I was experiencing from being pregnant. We brought our daughter in to be adjusted when she was three days old. Everyone is wonderful to work with!

Kacie B.

Love this new office, I’ve been to tons of chiropractors in the area and his new equipment is awesome! No one else can compare!
And every adjustment is perfect every time! I have a slipped disk and now have no pain from going. He’s is awesome!

Vivian D.

Dr. Tony is a colleague and has always taken excellent care of me when I’m in town. If you or your family are in need this is the place to go!

Nick W.

Dr. Anthony is the absolute best at what he does! He takes the best care of me and my clients. If you need amazing care and quick, Dr. V is the MAN!

Rich B.

Dr Anthony is great. very informative. feel so much better after my reset. whether you need help with your back or a professional athlete looking to recover this is the place to go.

Sorali R-W.

This place is awesome. Anthony knows his stuff. He has great technology. Takes care of the aches and pains.

Craig D.

Dr. V is the BEST!!

Dwayne P-A.

Great office with caring staff and extremely knowledgeable doctor! I would feel comfortable referring my patients to this office.

Bradley K.

Doctor Vuckovich treats you like family and is willing to work with all of your issues. I highly recommend you go see him if you are trying to be in the best shape of your life!

Relentless A.

We went to see Dr Vuckovich to assist us with developing a plan and recommending a chiropractic for my daughter in New York City. Even though Dr. Vuckovich was only going to be seeing my daughter for an initial appointment he was as thorough as I would expect from any provider who was going to be following a patient for a lengthy time. Evidence of a caring and compassionate doctor. I will now be referring my mother, who avoids doctors like the plague, to help with her neck pain. I am confident she will be in good hands.

Deborah W.

Dr.Vuckovich cares about his clients and truly listens to any and all concerns. A great chiropractic office for any and all concerns for the whole family.

Patricia P.

Dr is very knowledgeable at what the needs are of his patients and takes the time to address whats bothering you at the time of your visit, and will give you advice of things to do on your own at home to help you feel better. I’ve been seeing the Dr for 3 years now my self and I trust him with my whole family, he took great care working on our twin infants to help them through all the bouts of acid reflux they had and let me tell you that was a blessing especially if you don’t like to pump meds into your children. By all means if you have a issue go in and see how the Dr can make you feel better again.

Jesse S.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Anthony. I went in with a lot of pain and not being able to walk and when he finished with me I was able to walk much better!! We will be doing a couple sessions to fix me up and get me lifting again!!!

Queen G.

I love love love Dr. V. He is so caring and professional. He helped me with my 2 week old daughter just as if she was his own. He is so gentle with both of us. Had a pinched nerved that was excruciating and two visits with Dr. V. NO more pain.

Madison V.
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